ndia is soon becoming a highly sought-after destination for higher education among students of Asia and Africa. This is due to the rapid advancements in technology and infrastructure since the 21st century that has made India one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. Most of the highly meritorious students from African countries like Kenya are looking forward to getting a student VISA to study in India because of the low costs of accommodation as well as tuition fees. However, to apply for and get such a VISA is often not that straightforward, but there’s nothing to worry about as this article simplifies the entire process for you.

Are You Eligible to Apply for a Student VISA?

This is the most important question that most Kenyan students ask when looking to apply for a student VISA to study in India. Here are some of the minimum eligibility requirements for Kenyan students to come and study in India.

  • The student must have a bona fide background and should have completed their high school level or its equivalent with a certificate or mark sheet to show for it.
  • For students seeking to enrol in postgraduate courses, a certificate of graduation from an accredited university is the minimum requirement.

What are the VISA Requirements?

There are a few quintessential requirements for Kenyan students who wish to apply for a student VISA to study in India. For example, your passport needs to be valid for at least 24 weeks along with 2 remaining blank pages and a VISA page on it. Apart from this basic requirement, there are other requirements such as:

  • 2 Passport sized photographs are needed.
  • A filled-up VISA application form needs to be submitted.
  • Proof of adequate financial support from parents, a guardian, or a sponsor so that the student should not face any financial difficulties when in India.
  • An acceptance letter from the institution where you have enrolled to act as proof of your educational prospects in India.

Although Kenyan students are not required to show proof of health insurance to successfully apply for a student VISA to study in India, it is advisable that you still get one. This is because travelling to any foreign land can have certain health risks.

How Long Will My Student VISA be Valid?

The student VISA for international students in India is a multiple entry VISA wherein students can return to their home countries during vacations. The duration of your student VISA to study in India is for the duration of the course you enrol in. To be on the safe side, you can apply for this VISA, 8 weeks in advance so that when the VISA is issued, you can fly out straight away.

Family and Future in India

For Kenyan students who have spouses and other dependents, applying for a student VISA to study in India means you will have to apply for the same student VISA for your family. Upon graduation, if you secure a job within the country your student VISA converts into an employment VISA and you can continue to stay with your family till the end of your employment contract.

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