The Indian education system is one of the largest educational systems in the world that includes various universities, institutes and colleges. It offers a variety of courses with various specialisations that allow students to enrol themselves in their desired course.

Recognising Indian students as efficient employees, the Indian education system has always been a priority for MNCs to choose candidates from. The training and learning process that a student undergoes during his/ her graduation or post-graduation period is very different from other educational systems. Indian students are trained with the right balance of practical, theoretical and research knowledge that scales them up to a global level.

Here are five reasons why the Indian education system is the first choice of MNCs.

  • Curriculum: The curriculum offered by the Indian universities and colleges is created according to the industry standards and requirements. To prepare the students according to these standards, the curriculum of the universities and colleges is updated every year. This is one of the reasons why Indian education system is the first choice of MNCs.
  • Diverse Skillset: Grooming its students to be an expert in creativity and multitasking, the diverse skillset is another reason why Indian education system is preferred by MNCs. The diverse skill set of the students includes both, technology and research-based skills. The diversification of subjects and specializations allow the students to learn a variety of skills that can be beneficial for them in future. 
  • Practical Exposure: The Indian education system has included various kinds of mandatory internships in its curriculum that allow the students to practically explore the subjects they have learned in the classes. Practical exposure provides industrial experiences to the students that can be an add on to their resume. These internships help the students get an insight into the way an industry works and all the roles and responsibilities of a particular job profile.
  • Cross-cultural learnings: The diverse culture and traditions of India offer cross-cultural learning opportunities to the students enrolled in Indian universities or institutes. It helps them to learn about the various cultures that further prepare them for global exposure. MNCs prefer candidates who are well versed in different cultures as it makes them efficient and confident for global projects.
  • English speaking skills: As English is amongst the most common languages globally, it is another reason why Indian education system is the first choice of MNCs. It is the second official language of the country and the majority of the courses offered by Indian universities and institutes are in the English language. After Americans, India is the second-largest country to adopt English as its official language.  

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