enya has been a part of the band of African countries that have experienced massive rates of development. In recent years, several industries beginning with medicine to education, have experienced relative infrastructural development. This has led to an increasing number of jobs in such sectors. Some of the highest paying jobs in Kenya can thus be found in industries like medicine and allied health services, law, banking, finance, marketing, education, and even some of the core corporate sectors. Let’s take an in-depth look into the salary structures and career scopes in some of these lucrative jobs in Kenya.

  • Surgeons

The job of surgeons has become highly valuable in the Kenyan economy. Doctors and surgeons in Kenya are paid in the range of 284,000 KES to 836,000 KES.

  • Judges

Judges and chief justices in the Kenyan judiciary system are also among the highest paid professionals due to the massive responsibility of making rulings on the country’s law and order issues. Judges in Kenya have salaries in the range of 239,000 KES to 702,000 KES.

  • Lawyers

This is one of the most popular and sought-after professions in the country. The earnings of Kenyan lawyers and advocates are from 193,000 KES to 568,000 KES. This makes it one of the highest paying jobs in Kenya.

  • Bank Managers

Managing high surges of funds and financials is not an easy task. That is why, bank managers in Kenya come next on this list of highest paid professionals. They take a salary of anything between 182,000 KES and 535,000 KES.

  • Chief Executive Officers

These professionals run entire companies and come from varying education backgrounds, each with their unique industry experiences. They earn from 170,000 KES to 501,000 KES.

  • Chief Financial Officers

Working hand-in-hand with CEOs are CFOs or Chief Financial Officers. These officers are tasked with financial dealings of money management including investments and expenditure of large corporate firms. Hence, their wages in the range of 159,000 KES to 468,000 KES are justified for their role.

  • Orthodontists

Dentists or orthodontists are also quite a lucrative career in Kenya. And, they earn anywhere between 153,000 KES and 451,000 KES.

  • College Professors

College professors are an important part of the higher education infrastructure of Kenya since they help shape the future of the country. This is why, they earn between 136,000 KES and 401,000 KES.

  • Pilots

Being a highly technical discipline, pilots all over the world earn massive salaries. In Kenya, they earn from 114,000 KES to 334,000 KES.

  • Marketing Directors

Being one of the most important designations in an organisation, this is among the best paying jobs in Kenya. Marketing directors earn from 102,000 KES to 301,000 KES.

How to make a career in these industries?

To cash on these lucrative industries of Kenya, several Kenyan students look towards foreign education, which is highly valued in the country. Some of the highest paying jobs in Kenya are usually bagged by candidates with a highly accredited degree from a foreign university. As a result, Kenya has been witnessing a student outpour into countries like India that offer affordable yet high-quality education in various fields.

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