he Republic of Kenya is located in the great continent of Africa. It is a beautiful country adorned by natural landscapes and dense forest areas. Wildlife sanctuaries in Kenya are famous throughout the world. Along with the tourism industry, telecommunications and agriculture sectors are the highest revenue earners for the Kenyan economy. Besides, Kenya has one of the most developed education systems in the African continent, according to the World Economic Forum. Further, higher education institutions in Kenya are developing at a rapid pace. While the level of higher education in Kenya is still at a developing stage, students looking for advanced studies can look at options abroad. Kenyan students aiming for higher education can easily consider India as one of the destinations. Let us have a look at opportunities for education for Kenya students in India.

Why should Kenyan students choose India as a higher education destination?
India has emerged as one of the best places for higher education in the world. India has a number of great higher education institutions offering a variety of courses to students. And, the students of Kenya can pursue any subject they want in India. Here is why education for Kenya students in India is a great option:

  • A great education at economic prices: A good thing about education in India is that it is cheaper than education in western countries or even other Asian countries. Kenyan students can avail a high level of education at very affordable rates in India. Even accommodation cost in India along with the cost of living is very affordable compared to other educational hubs around the globe.

  • Diversity and culture: Kenyan students get to study with aspirants from various countries that make the campus life colourful and rich at these institutions. Considering this, Kenyan students can truly immerse themselves in a global approach towards education.

  • Scholarships: Many Indian universities offer scholarships to students from Africa. Kenyan students can avail scholarships for studying at these institutions.

Here are some of the leading educational opportunities for Kenyan students in India:

  • Engineering: India is a leading educational hub for aspiring engineering students. Engineering education for Kenya students in India is a great option since there is a large number of engineering colleges in the country. And, majority of institutions offer admission to international students.

  • Medicine: India also has many medical institutions where Kenyan students can apply. Studying medicine in India is more economic than in western countries. Even the quality of education is top-notch, with opportunities for great hands-on experience. Students can also pursue higher levels of medical degrees after completing the graduate course.

  • Sciences: All the state universities in India offer great science education in fields like physics, chemistry, microbiology, botany, zoology and mathematics. Even private universities offer rich courses in these subjects. Kenyan students can further pursue doctoral degrees from India too.

  • Arts: Eminent universities in the country have great courses in the humanities stream. Subjects like history, geography, sociology, economics, and psychology are some of the many courses offered. Media studies and design are also very trending courses in India with great institutions for these too.

  • Management studies: It is a very lucrative option of education for Kenya students in India. After completing management courses, they can also apply for jobs in India pertaining to the field of management.

Sharda University as an option of education for Kenya students in India

Sharda University is a multi-faceted university where Kenyan students can apply for a wide range of courses. The university offers every kind of course like engineering, sciences, humanities, management, media, law and medicine. The university offers scholarships and the cost of accommodation is also very affordable here. Since all courses are taught in English, language is never a barrier at Sharda University. Notably, Sharda University is a great educational institution for Kenyan students, as they can enjoy a global culture and great quality of education.

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