ith India rapidly becoming a hub of international education for African and Asian students, there has been a massive upsurge of Kenyan students migrating to India to pursue careers of their choices. One of the biggest reasons why Kenyan students choose Indian universities is a huge plethora of options when it comes to career choices. Let’s discuss in detail the several advantages for Kenyan students seeking to pursue their higher education from renowned universities of India.

Technical advantages

  • Unlimited possibilities

Opting for higher education in Kenya can have certain limitations when it comes to the choices of academic disciplines. Not many universities have the appropriate infrastructure needed for Kenyan students to become wholesome and competent professionals in their desired fields. Therefore, several Kenyan students choose to study in Indian universities that offer a wide range of career options as well as leading educational infrastructure for the same.

  • Increased employability

Since a large chunk of employers in Kenya often favours graduates with international experiences that result in a higher level of emotional intelligence and cognitive abilities, students with foreign degrees are preferred. Studying in Indian universities allows Kenyan students to develop a high level of cultural awareness that adds to their emotional intelligence as professionals. These are some of the main reasons why Kenyan students choose Indian universities.

Cultural advantages

  • Linguistic competencies

Since almost all of the major universities in India that accommodate international students are English medium, studying in such universities can enhance the linguistic capabilities of Kenyan students. Studying and speaking in English help them learn an international language. This is why Kenyan students choose Indian universities.

  • Gain international exposure

The cosmopolitan student demographic in India is yet another attractive feature of major Indian universities. Kenyan students learn about dealing with several international cultures. In doing this, they nurture their negotiation and interaction skills in an international context. This adds to their professional competencies.

Holistic advantages

  • Gain a global perspective

In the international competitive arena, most modern problems require a modern perspective. Kenyan students who study at Indian universities are trained to think globally regardless of their academic disciplines. They can then apply their knowledge in their professional careers and forge a path to becoming global leaders.

  • Experience of a lifetime

The experience of studying in Indian universities does not end with academics. Kenyan students living and studying in India can exploit their weekends by visiting the several awe-inspiring and unconventional tourist places of the country. From visiting ancient monuments to going on hiking trails, India has several leisurely things to do. Therefore, studying in India can be a truly soulful experience of a lifetime for Kenyan students. However, apart from these, there are more reasons why Kenyan students choose Indian universities.

Economic advantages

The most obvious reason why Kenyan students choose Indian universities is the possibility of highly affordable living in India. Student accommodations like hostels, paying guest options, and shared apartments are several times more affordable than those found in western countries.

Sharda University – Leading Global University for Kenyan students

Critically acclaimed universities like Sharda University of Greater Noida region of India have opened their gates to meritorious Kenyan students seeking to craft a successful career for themselves. Apart from providing a highly affordable yet commendable quality of education, Sharda University also promises a vibrant and colourful campus life which is part of the reasons why Kenyan students choose Indian universities for their international higher education.

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