f you want to experience art, culture, history, tradition, creativity and innovation, then India is the best place to be! India is amongst the fastest developing counties with the second largest higher education in the world. Along with the rich culture and heritage, education to attracts a lot of aspirants from all over the world. The rich history of education in India has been innovating and growing rapidly, further contributing to every student’s personal and professional life. There are thousands of institutes in India that provide specialisations in multiple fields and subjects. Engineering schools have been the most sought-after institutes in India’s higher education. With a range of career opportunities across all industries, low cost of accommodation, and tuition fees, students from African countries like Kenya look forward to studying engineering courses in India.

If you wish to know about the cost of studying engineering in India, then here is some information on the same.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Studying in India

The quality of education in India has undergone significant transformation and development over the years. However, when students from Kenya come to India, they need to have enough money to cover their immediate needs upon arrival in the country, including customs charges, transit expenses, transportation fares and emergency expenses. Some factors affecting the cost of studying engineering in India are as follows:

Tuition Fees:

Before enrolling in an institution, check out the tuition fee of the universities in India and tally it with the annual cost of education and accommodation. The Indian Government also offers financial aid to students coming from Kenya for which they need to provide proof of financial self-sufficiency when applying for a student visa. It is also advised that Kenyan students show proof of health insurance while applying for a student visa.


Not only is the cost of living in India rising but it is also markedly lower than other countries like Japan, South Korea and China. Delhi, being the capital of India, and Mumbai, being the largest city, witness the most arrival of students from Kenya. A lot of universities offer accommodation facilities to Indian and International students. Even if the institute does not provide any accommodation facilities on campus, it is easy to find personal accommodation near the area. Students coming from Kenya or other countries have the choice to opt for a private hostel or rent a room/flat or apartment. A lot of foreign students choose to live in the student dorms provided on campus as they are much more convenient.

Other Expenses:

Apart from education, there are lots of other expenses that one needs to keep in mind. These expenses can be eating out, utility, leisure activities and transportation, both private and public.

Cost of Studying Engineering in India

Engineering is amongst the most opted and sought out streams in India. With high-paying job opportunities, the average cost of studying engineering in India is Rs. 1.25 lakh per year or Rs. 5 lakh for the 4-year course. It can reach up to 10 to 15 lakh depending upon the institution you choose.

Additionally, Sharda University is amongst the top universities in India. It offers a variety of specialisations and courses for engineering with highly skilled faculty members and facilities. For more information on the cost of studying engineering in India, you can visit the official website of Sharda University.

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