enya is a country in East Africa whose geography is defined by the Great Rift Valley, savannahs, Lakelands, and mountainous highlands. The country has a population of a little over 47 million and the capital is Nairobi, which is also the largest city. Kenya follows a 2-6-3-3 structure, the final 3 years being university education. With nearly a million Kenyan students choosing further education internationally abroad in countries like India, UK Canada, and the USA, hence knowing the visa requirement for study in India from Kenya is important. Have a look below as we detail what exactly the visa requirements are, for the prospective students.

Visa Requirement for Study in India from Kenya

The Student Visa requirements are not required for citizens of Nepal, Bhutan and the Maldives. However, prospective students from all other countries need to go through the visa requirement for study in India from Kenya, mentioned in the list below:

1. Printout of the Online Form

The foremost visa requirement for study in India from Kenya is a scanned copy of the filled-out application form. The Visa application form can be found on indianvisaonline.gov.in, and you can download the form and fill it up at your convenience. Once you finish filling it up, take a printout and carry it along for submission. Make sure to sign the form before submitting it.

2. Photographs

The second visa requirement for study in India from Kenya is two recent colour photographs, which need to be of standard passport size (51mm x 51mm) and should be taken with a light blue background. It is to be noted that you are required to carry additional photographs in case of damage. 

3. Admission Letter

The third is the letter of admission to the Indian institution of your choice. You also need to carry a photocopy of the same. It is suggested to finalise your chosen university and program in advance of starting your visa application process, as different institutions will have their own timelines regarding admission confirmation and admission processes might take a while depending on the institution. You need to have your admission letter ready when you go to submit your application. 

4. Financial Support Proof

Your next visa requirement for study in India from Kenya will require a letter of financial support from a parent/guardian. This is to prove that you can handle the required expenses during your time in this country. A Bank Guarantee/Certificate is also required with this letter. 

You also need to show proof of having at least enough funds to cover 4 months of living in the country, with Indian or traveller’s cheques. 

5. Additional Requirements

In case you are coming to study in the medical or paramedical field, another visa requirement for study in India from Kenya is a ‘No Objection Letter’ that is provided by the government of India’s Ministry of Health. 

Yellow Fever and Polio vaccination proof are also required and photocopies of the same should be included in your submission. 

Study at Sharda University 

If you are still indecisive regarding which university to pick to study abroad in India from Kenya, have a look at Sharda University’s website. Sharda University is located close to India’s capital, Delhi, and is one of the top multi-discipline institutes in the country. There are also scholarships provided on the basis of academic performance, you can find out more at the International Scholarships section of the official Sharda Website.

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