ver the last few decades, the rapid economic development in India has substantially increased the demand for business education. Hundreds of private and public institutions offering business degrees have cropped up all across the country. As the field of business is becoming a popular higher study option for Indian and international students alike, thousands of aspiring candidates apply for admission to the country’s top business schools every year, here we talk about Why study in India.

When talking about why study in India to get a business degree, there is an array of benefits, including:

  1. Value for Money Education

Business schools in India offer high-quality education at an affordable price. The costs for both tuition and accommodation are much lower in India than in many other countries. Also, MBA and PGDM programmes offered by Indian universities and colleges deliver a huge return on investment. In India, there are lots of job opportunities with high salaries for business students who have completed their graduation.

  • Top-ranking Business Schools

There is no shortage of prestigious business schools in India. Offering high-quality, globally accredited business programmes, many of the Indian business schools maintain collaboration with leading institutions around the world. Serving both Indian and international students, these B-schools provide campus recruitment by global companies like Google, Apple and Facebook.

  • Scholarship Opportunities

Besides being affordable, business education in India is also heavily subsidized. Many business schools in India offer generous scholarships to students based on their test scores, academic achievements, extracurricular portfolio or international profile. Foreign and Indian students who wish to pursue a business degree in India can also take advantage of the several scholarships offered by the Indian Ministry of Human Resource Development. Covering either full or partial tuition fee, these scholarships are granted based on either merit or need or both.

  • Incredible Career Opportunities

Business programmes in India have a high focus on employability. The economic growth of the country has greatly fuelled the demand for high-quality talent. This, in turn, has created numerous job opportunities for those who hold a business degree. Business students are needed in all fields ranging from technology solutions and fintech to healthcare and education. Also, many leading companies around the globe such as Amazon and McKinsey are always on the lookout for qualified and talented business graduates.

  • A Rising Startup Scene

When it comes to career opportunities, being an entrepreneur is the dream of many business students. Over the years, India has transformed into a hotspot of startup activities with thousands of new ideas taking shape every year. With so many innovative and lucrative startups cropping up, India has made its place at the forefront of many new market opportunities. This makes India an excellent destination for pursuing a business degree programme, especially for aspiring entrepreneurs.

  • A Fulfilling Experience

Apart from all the practical benefits like lucrative career opportunities and high-quality programmes, taking a business course in India can be quite enjoyable. With its amazing people, delectable food and exciting festivals, studying in India can prove to be a fulfilling cultural experience. Also, the country is home to beautiful landscapes and a myriad of cultural and natural attractions, making it an amazing destination, even if it is for studying.

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