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27 Jan, 2022 Thursday

Studying Abroad? Tips to Help You Settle in When You Get There.

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Studying Abroad

Students planning on studying abroad are mostly confused about settling in a foreign land of which they know nothing or least. Fitting in with people from various cultural backgrounds seems frightening. Many questions run through the minds…

27 Dec, 2021 Monday

How do Career Goals Play a Major Role in Enhancing Learning Objectives?

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Enhance Learning Objectives

Learning objectives are a vital aspect of effective learning for students from all academic backgrounds. They help in determining what a student needs to learn and which approaches will serve the best for skill acquisition.…

11 Oct, 2021 Monday

Scholarship for Undergraduate Students in India from Kenya

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Scholarship for Undergraduates in India from Kenya

India is amongst the top study abroad destinations in Asia. It is home to several international students with numerous institutes and universities offering degrees and scholarships, making the country an ideal location for further studies…

21 Sep, 2021 Tuesday

5 Reasons Why Indian Education System is First Choice of MNCs

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Why Indian Education System

The Indian education system is one of the largest educational systems in the world that includes various universities, institutes and colleges. It offers a variety of courses with various specialisations that allow students to enrol…

08 Jun, 2021 Tuesday

Why Study in India to Get Your Business Degree?

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Why Study in India

Over the last few decades, the rapid economic development in India has substantially increased the demand for business education. Hundreds of private and public institutions offering business degrees have cropped up all across the country.…

02 Jun, 2021 Wednesday

A Step-by-step Guide to Study in India From Kenya

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Study in India from Kenya

Kenya is a country on the East African coast that is bordered on one side by the Indian Ocean; the country has a population of a little under 54 million as of 2021. With just…

25 May, 2021 Tuesday

How to Get Student VISA to Study in India from Kenya?

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Student VISA to Study in India

India is soon becoming a highly sought-after destination for higher education among students of Asia and Africa. This is due to the rapid advancements in technology and infrastructure since the 21st century that has made…

17 May, 2021 Monday

Top Study Abroad Destination in India for Kenyan Students

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Study Abroad in India from Kenya

The infrastructure of higher education has been steadily progressing in developing African countries like Kenya. However, the level of development has not yet reached the required level as per the demands of aspiring Kenyan students.…

10 May, 2021 Monday

VISA Requirement for Study Abroad in India from Kenya

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Visa Requirement for Study in India from Kenya

Kenya is a country in East Africa whose geography is defined by the Great Rift Valley, savannahs, Lakelands, and mountainous highlands. The country has a population of a little over 47 million and the capital…

29 Apr, 2021 Thursday

Why Kenyan Students Choose Indian Universities? Know Advantages!

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Why Kenyan Students choose Indian Universities

With India rapidly becoming a hub of international education for African and Asian students, there has been a massive upsurge of Kenyan students migrating to India to pursue careers of their choices. One of the…

23 Apr, 2021 Friday

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Kenya: A Complete List

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Highest Paying Jobs in Kenya

Kenya has been a part of the band of African countries that have experienced massive rates of development. In recent years, several industries beginning with medicine to education, have experienced relative infrastructural development. This has…

05 Apr, 2021 Monday

How Education System of Kenya Work?

Education System of Kenya

Kenya is an East African country and its capital is Nairobi. The beauty of Kenya is indescribable with many wildlife sanctuaries. Kenya is also at the forefront of education in Africa. In 2017, the education system…

23 Mar, 2021 Tuesday

Why You Should Study Computer Science in India

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Study Computer Science in India

India has been rapidly competing with China and Japan in the field of software and hardware technology exports since the beginning of 2010. This has led to an unprecedented requirement for computer science personnel within…



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