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11 Oct, 2021 Monday

Scholarship for Undergraduate Students in India from Kenya

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Scholarship for Undergraduates in India from Kenya

India is amongst the top study abroad destinations in Asia. It is home to several international students with numerous institutes and universities offering degrees and scholarships, making the country an ideal location for further studies…

07 Jul, 2021 Wednesday

How the Indian Education System is Best for International Students?

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Indian Education for International Students.

The boom in the economy of India, constant development in the education sector, and a large amount of investment pouring in for research and studies make India one of the primary choices for education by…

24 Jun, 2021 Thursday

Cost of Studying Engineering in India from Kenya

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Cost of Studying Engineering in India

If you want to experience art, culture, history, tradition, creativity and innovation, then India is the best place to be! India is amongst the fastest developing counties with the second largest higher education in the…

02 Jun, 2021 Wednesday

A Step-by-step Guide to Study in India From Kenya

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Study in India from Kenya

Kenya is a country on the East African coast that is bordered on one side by the Indian Ocean; the country has a population of a little under 54 million as of 2021. With just…

12 Apr, 2021 Monday

Education Opportunities for Kenyan Students in India

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Education for Kenya Students in India

The Republic of Kenya is located in the great continent of Africa. It is a beautiful country adorned by natural landscapes and dense forest areas. Wildlife sanctuaries in Kenya are famous throughout the world. Along…

23 Mar, 2021 Tuesday

Why You Should Study Computer Science in India

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Study Computer Science in India

India has been rapidly competing with China and Japan in the field of software and hardware technology exports since the beginning of 2010. This has led to an unprecedented requirement for computer science personnel within…



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